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Welcome Lisa
May 20, 2021

Many of you have had the opportunity to interact with her, but I would like to formally introduce our Customer Service Representative Lisa Ciulla. Lisa is new to our staff but has been a long time Scouting volunteer, holding positions such as Unit Treasurer and Advancement Coordinator. Her husband has been an active Scouter, and her two sons have advanced to the ranks of Life and Eagle respectively. Her passion for the program comes through each day as she is assisting customers and supporting our program.

Lisa is in the Scout Shop from 10am-2pm Tuesday to Friday (the Scout Shop hours are still Tuesday to Friday 8:30am-5pm).  

Note: If your unit is ordering advancements, please send an email to all three (;; with your PO from Scoutbook AND Advancement Report to ensure it is ready for you to pick up!


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