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Philmont 2025 - seeking Adults & Youth
Mar 30, 2023

The Chippewa Valley Council is exploring sending a Council-Led contingent to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico in 2025. 

About Philmont Scout Ranch: Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scouts of America’s premier High Adventure base, challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country. Learn more here.

Requirements for Philmont Trek participants:

  • Must be 14 years of age OR be at least 13 years of age and completed the 8th grade prior to June 15, 2025.
  • Will be in the rugged mountainous backcountry, in New Mexico during the summer, and in high altitude. Every Philmont trek involves hiking with a 35 to 50-pound backpack at elevations of 6,500 to 12,500 feet. Participants must:  
  • Must attend Philmont Contingent meetings and preparation weekends. There will be at least two weekends where the crew will be camping, hiking, and practicing the necessary skills to go in the backcountry. 
  • Agree to training following a training regimen that includes hiking and exercises to condition their body for the strenuous activity of a backcountry trek.  
  • The council contingent will provide some gear for the crew, but all participants are responsible for personal gear such as: clothing, sleeping bags, hiking packs, footwear, and essential camping items.

Cost is to be determined, but should be  $2,000-$2,500 including transportation. Financial assistance will be available,as well as fundraising opportunities. 

Dates are to be determined. We will be entering a lottery to determine our exact dates. Expect mid June - early August, 2025. After dates are announced, if there is a scheduling conflict, you will receive your deposit back if a replacement or alternate takes your spot.

What is an Adult Advisor?

Long story short: advisors are adults 21 years of age or older, that attend the Philmont trek with youth and provide guidance and support to the youth on the trek. All Advisors must be physically capable of hiking and camping for the entire length of the trek. Each Advisor is expected to reflect high moral standards established by custom, traditional values, religious teaching and following the Youth Protection guidelines. Philmont recommends that groups identify alternate adult leadership (Reserve Advisors) who are available to step in at the last minute in the event an adult Advisor is unable to attend.

One adult Advisor in each crew is designated the “Lead Advisor”. This person is the principal Advisor responsible for coordinating a successful Philmont experience for each member of the crew. All adults support the Lead Advisor in accomplishing the duties of an Advisor. An Advisors’ main role is to coach, mentor, and support the youth Crew Leader. By doing this, the youth leaders will gain leadership experience throughout the trek and will be able to help all members of the crew develop into a strong team.

Advisors should ensure the safety and well-being of each crew member through:

  • First aid treatment.
  • Administration of required medications.
  • Proper water purification.
  • Supervision any time a stove is in use.
  • Guidance and support in emergency situations.

What is a committee member? Adults that are not participating in the Philmont trek but are assisting in trek in planning, organizing, supporting, and fundraising.  

We encourage all eligible youth and adults from the Chippewa Valley Council to apply. Preference will be given to youth from units that do not regularly attend High Adventure bases as a unit. 

Contact Eric Muench or 715-598-9299 if you have any questions. 

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