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NOAC 2022
Jan 26, 2022

All Arrowmen are encouraged to go the National Order of the Arrow Conference! NOAC 2022 will be held at University of Tennessee on July 25-30, 2022

NOAC is a fun event with many things to do, and if you are considering going, talk to someone who has gone to NOAC and ask how it was for them. Most people in the lodge have gone to a NOAC at least once and they can tell you about all the fun stuff you can do. 

From the National Order of the Arrow:

Approximately every two years, the Order of the Arrow holds a national conference (NOAC) on the campus of a major university. NOAC is our flagship national event, held over six days with 6,000 – 8,000 Arrowmen participating from throughout the BSA. The conference program includes innovative leadership development, programs, fellowship periods and inspirational shows.

In 2022, we will host our 34th NOAC at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This will be our first NOAC since 2018, and the largest Scouting event in nearly four years.

NOAC is a great way to learn more about the Order of the Arrow and opportunities that exist in the OA, Also meet Arrowmen from across the country and have a great time!

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