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University of Scouting and Blue Hills Merit Badge Clinic
Jan 11, 2022

Howdy Scouters,

Saturday March 5th is our annual Blue hills merit badge Clinic.  We will also be having a University of Scouting for leaders to connect and learn some new things.  Would you be willing to help us either teach a merit badge or a class to leaders?

When:  March 5th, 2022

Location: Cameron High School, Cameron WI


Merit Badge Clinic:

If you are currently registered as a merit badge counselor would you please be able to help teach one of your current merit badges? 

If you feel you can teach scouts a few new things we would really appreciate your help.  If you haven’t ever taught at a merit badge clinic, we can walk you through how it works and give you suggestions on how to make it a successful experience for you and the scouts.  

Note:  Some of your merit badges might not make sense to teach.  If you can teach most of the merit badge, then we would like to offer it.  However if it just doesn’t make sense (like swimming with no pool, LOL) then we can always use help in other areas.  You can help at the University of Scouting or with other things like registration, set up, cleanup, etc.

Univerity of Scouting:

Is there something in scouting you feel you know a lot about?  Something you think others might struggle with?  Or would you be willing to help someone else out? We are once again looking to incorporate some “non-traditional” classes. Classes can be topic, adventure or nuts and bolts related! 

We can use all the resources we can get to make this a great year.   Classes could be morning or afternoon.  It can be for an hour, or two.  Whatever you feel works best.


Please contact 

Merit badge Clinic - Noma Easton

University of Scouting – Laura Hurd   

You can also find University of Scouting - CVC on Facebook!

Thanks for considering helping us out.

Noma Easton

Laura Hurd

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