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Timber River Resources
Jun 4, 2021

Hello Timber Rivers Families and Volunteers!

I welcome you to the Timber Rivers resource page! I hope this is information you can refer back to and know who to contact should you have questions. I tried to keep it simple yet informative.

- Jodie M. Cross, District Executive

Units that need help with ensuring that their quality youth program (calendars and planned events) should reach out to the District Commissioner (Jon Luther) or the District Executive (Jodie Cross) for support and guidance.

District Commissioner:  Jon Luther   715 382-6085

The commissioner staff meets monthly on a regularly scheduled date but not on the same date as the district meeting. This is a uniformed meeting to build enthusiasm for carrying out the district’s unit service plans. Helping units succeed is at the heart of everything that occurs at the meeting. The two essential meeting events are the training topic and the assistant district commissioner breakout sessions to review unit needs.

District Chair:  Ryan Zimmerman   715 720-4660

The entire district committee chaired by the district chair
meets on a regularly scheduled date, usually monthly. The
purpose of district meetings is to build momentum, provide
group continuity, ensure good coordination, and make specific
assignments to committee members. The district commissioner
reports on the special needs of units and requests the help of
operating committees to meet those needs. 

Unit position specific training is available on Additionally, Deanna Suilmann is a tremendous resource and guide into the training opportunities available.  Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) is a required training course for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters in Scouts BSA Troops.  Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) is a training course for any Cub Scout leader or parent who will go on Cub Scout Den or Pack outdoor events, including Pack camping overnights and Webelos Den overnight camping. For more information, please email Deanna:

Wood Badge is adult training and networking for leaders, volunteers and active parents to help them get the most out of the program, help the youth, and make their unit successful. Wood Badge is only offered every other year so make sure you register as soon as the class is offered. The 2021 Course Director is Jane Dienger. 

Youth Protection Training is required every two years and is available on It is a 4 section, 72 minute training that helps keep involved youth safe.

Packs and Troops should work and communicate together for the overall success of each unit and youth. Den Chiefs (Scouts BSA) can be great resources for the Packs.

Cub Scouts can find online training to help make up missed sessions as well as use the handbooks provided which walk them through each requirement for rank or belt loops. packs are broken into age/grades called Dens.  A locations group of dens is a Pack. Cub Scouts reach the highest rank of Webelos II, Arrow of Light before being able to cross into a Troop.

Scouts BSA work at their own pace to complete the requirements for rank while working as a youth team to succeed in their community.

Roundtables are 30-60 minute sessions to cover topics or specific concerns. These are open-session for all parents and leaders and held every other month.  Upcoming dates for Roundtables are being determined with one coming up at the end of June.

Attending camp is a great way for youth to gain confidence, achievements, rank advancement, and make friends and memories. The Chippewa Valley Council's main website has a tab so you can research both Camp Phillips (Fort Rice) and Camp Brunswick locations, and camping opportunities.

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