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Airshow Pack and Troop Meeting
Feb 16

The Chippewa Valley Airshow, hosted by the Chippewa Valley Council, will take place June 4th and 5th, 2022 at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport. With this comes several opportunities for your unit to be involved:

1. Ticket Sale Fundraiser - sell airshow tickets and earn money for your unit

2. Paid Service at the event - you unit can help with running the event, and earn money for your efforts

3. Pack and Troop Display Zone - help promote your unit and scouting to the community by helping in the display area

4. Airshow Camporee - Scouts are invited to camp at the Airport for the weekend of the show, which includes special presentations by the Pilots and other VIP's. 

Each Unit is asked to send a representative on Wed, Feb 16th at 6pm at the Bloomer Elementary School Commons to get the details! Please RSVP at the link below

Contact Matt Dienger at or 715-598-4851 with any questions. 

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