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Railroad Merit Badge - Virtual
Nov 6

The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is proud to offer its annual Railroading Merit Badge Workshop on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021.

Realizing the importance of railroads in America, the Boy Scouts introduced the Railroading merit badge in 1952. Railroads still play a vital role in our nation, as nearly 40 percent of all U.S. freight travels by train today. Trucks are a distant second at 28 percent. In Wal-Mart stores,

90 percent of the merchandise was on a train for some portion of its trip to the shelf. 

With this in mind, the National Railroad Museum, a non-profit educational institution, is preparing to host its annual Railroading Merit Badge Workshop.

The Railroading Merit Badge Workshop is a one-day program that provides Scouts with the opportunity to earn the merit badge by participating in six different activity stations. Each station deals with a different requirement(s) for the merit badge. The National Railroad Museum offers a wealth of resources for this program, including our historic exhibits and a team of instructors from both the Museum staff and professional railroad sources.

Please find attached to this email additional information about the program. Registration is currently open online at the Museum’s website by visiting There is plenty of space

open at this time!


In the spirit of Scouting, we ask your help by passing this information along to scouts and adult leaders in your council. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact Bob Lettenberger, education director, at

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