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Campmaster Training
Oct 16

The Campmaster serves an important role in achieving the camping mission of the Chippewa Valley Council. Campmasters are needed every weekend at Camp Phillips from December 1 to May 1.   

Responsibilities of the Campmaster include:

  • Greeting and checking in units upon arrival at camp.
  • Overseeing safety and acting as a contact person in case of emergency.
  • Acting as the Council/Camp representative to the units for the weekend. 
  • Relieving the Rangers of unit responsibilities for the weekend. The Camp Ranger is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and proper use of all camp facilities.

We will be hosting training during our October Camp Phillips Day of Service (October 16th).

Campmaster training will include Basic Life Support CPR and First Aid Training. 

Campmasters are provided with excellent lodging, staying in the newly renovated Campmaster cabin. The Campmaster cabin has a kitchen, bathrooms, and several bedrooms. Campmasters are permitted to bring immediate family members to camp with them. 

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