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District Journey To Excellence
District Award of Merit Recipients
GE PWD Rules
Pinewood Derby Results
23 Cub Scouts: Sailing, Fishing, Biking, and Hiking
at Lake Wissota State Park

To view the Glaciers End calendar for 2013-2014, please go to the following: 2013-2014 GE Calendar

District Committee - 1st Thursday/Month, Courthouse, Chippewa Falls at 6:00pm
Each unit is expected to have one senator or representative on the district committee. This is where the planning and success of the district is determined. Detailed information about the status of the district is reported. This can be viewed as the executive board for Scouting in Chippewa, Clark and Taylor Counties.

District Commissioner - 1st Thursday/Month, Courthouse, Chippewa Falls at 6:00pm
This is a gathering of all the unit commissioners to discuss the health of the units in the district. Information for topics of discussion is relayed to the unit commissioners from the district commissioners.

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Glaciers End District Contact
Luke McNeese
District Executive
710 S. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701