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Cub World Parent's Guide

Sending your son to camp is a hard thing for a parent. Parents are always welcome to attend, but if that is not possible, know that your son will be in the care of highly trained staff.

Do you wish to send your Scout a letter while at camp? Make sure to allow plenty of time for the mail (you probably will want to send it before your Scout even leaves for camp, to be sure he receives it while there!). Mail to:
L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation
2900C 16th St.
Rice Lake, WI  54868
C/O Your Son's Name Troop # and Campsite

The L. E. Phillips Scout Reservation is a National Accredited Cub Scout and Boy Scout camp. This means that every year the camp is evaluated on hundreds of points, from staff training, to safety procedures, to food service. The reservation always receives a stellar rating from the assessment team as well as the Barron Co Health inspector.
Your son will be asked to step outside his comfort zone while at camp and try new things. The Boy Scouts of America employee a philosophy and program called challenge by choice. This means that you are asked to do and try new things but at the end of the day it is up to the youth to decide. This program is designed to build confidence and strengthen the youth.

Boy Scout Summer Camp Outcomes study:

Camp Accreditation - Annual camp visits by trained volunteers and professionals ensure the following:

  • Camps are checked to ensure that health and safety standards are met through an annual BSA accreditation process.
  • Camps show that important program elements required for Scouts to have meaningful learning experiences are in place.

Camp Staff - Highly skilled youth and adult members are recruited and trained.
  • Key camp staff members are required to be certified through national training events.
  • BSA camps utilize highly qualified camp staff members. Because these individuals are not responsible for taking a troop leadership role, they can utilize their unique skills and teaching abilities for mentoring purposes.
  • Youth camp staff members are young enough to connect with Scouts on a social level, but experienced and mature enough to serve as a role model.

Unit Attendance - The fact that troops attend camp as a unit is a benefit to the experience.

  • Scouts attend with their own adult leaders. Boys do not have to adjust to adults they do not know while at camp. This provides an opportunity to further extend the mentoring role of adult leaders with their Scouts.
  • The patrol method is used. Boys at camp learn leadership and teamwork by living out their week in the patrol method, which is based on youth leadership. In addition, this organizational method teaches independence and interdependence among Scouts.

As you read the information from the 2001 Summer Camp Outcomes Study, you should know some important facts about how the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) delivers its summer camp programs. The BSA believes these factors are the foundation that allow the organization to provide superior summer camp experiences and to deliver fun with a purpose!

BSA Summer Camp Outcomes Study